Peaceful Easy Healing

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This collection replaces Healing Medicine. The words are the same but the name and package have changed to keep up with the times. These words are so gentle and positive that they help transform your water into liquid purity, wellness, and wholeness. Take charge of your healing. Health challenges can be difficult, but they can also present unique opportunities to go deeper inside and find the strength and wisdom to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Water carries the potential to transform molecules into healing messages so all cells can respond to illness, injury, emotional pain, chronic pain, or personal growth issues. What are you thinking while you are drinking? These words are powerful medicine.

As one of our most popular collections, it is used by caregivers, healing practitioners, therapists, and those who wish to engage in self-healing. Many of these words are shared with patients in hospitals and hospices. Here are some of the letters we have received confirming the power of blessing labels as a healing tool.

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for your generous donation of Water Blessing Labels for the patients in our Cancer Treatment Center. Our patients are responding well to the idea that words can soothe and heal their bodies, just like medicine, and we have noticed a big difference in morale when we place the labels on the I.V. pouches or the water cups. The patients like the idea of their treatments being "love" instead of the idea of a harsh chemical entering their bodies."
Jennifer L., San Francisco, CA

"We received your donation of Water Blessings for the women who are long-term residents in our cancer treatment programs. Since we are a holistic health facility, we recognize the importance of the body, mind, and spirit connection for healing. The Water Blessings are inspirational and much loved by our patients and we believe this is an important step to their recovery. We are all blessed by your generous donation."

Therese M., Tampa Bay, FL

"Thank you so much for the blessing labels you sent us. The people in our community mental health programs are typically low-income citizens and have no money for extras in their lives. We believe inspirational words do have a lot of power, and water is a carrier for that power. We saw new rays of hope in our patients as they selected their blessing words. Your kindness is deeply appreciated."
Florence S., Cleveland, OH

"Though it appears I have lost the battle with pancreatic cancer and may not have long to live, I reflect on your compassion in providing me with your beautiful healing word labels."

Jeff K., San Francisco, CA

Note: Jeff K. transitioned but his caregiver sent this thank-you:
 "Thank you for sending water blessing labels to our Hospice facility. All of our patients have enjoyed using them, and especially Jeff, who used them with great intent and focus on his water. They gave him a sense of peace and comfort in his last days."

Mary B., San Francisco, CA

"Our guests are so excited about using these labels on their water bottles. We promote the idea that intention is one of the highest forms of healing body, mind and spirit. Your products fit perfectly in our healing protocols."
Candice M., FL