Radiant Love Vision Board

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This small glossy altar Chakra grid board is deliciously colorful and explosively exciting as it activates the Chakra energies in your body through intense color vibrations.

Use the blessing words on this board to define and enhance your work with the eight chakras. Although these words have been used for other collections, they lend themselves to a deep chakra medication and unfolding.

There are so many uses for this traditional game-style folding board. It is a perfect size for desk or table. The backside is a matte black linen textured wrap. The inside is a high gloss coated surface. You can create various grids or journeys using crystals, stones, seashells, objects and candles. Use your Water Blessing Labels on it. The static cling holds them on the board for as long as you wish. Use the board as a backdrop for your ceremonial or ritual uses or as a gazing board for deep meditation. This colorful board works to activate Chakra alignment. 

NOTE: Stones, candles, and offering bowl are shown as examples for use and not included in this set, but they may be purchased separately. Your board comes with a set of chakra blessing words printed in silver ink. 

The origin of this board: Early in 2022, I experienced several nights of vivid dream journeys and I awakened with very distinct colorful  images in my mind. I felt the emergence of information that would benefit all who consider working with color in a more focused way to benefit their Chakras and attract greater health, wealth, and happiness.  I knew it had been given to me so I could bring it into the material world. I jotted down some notes and put it aside; but I could not ignore what I had seen. It was a vision of the Chakra system in our bodies, but unlike the way we normally see symbols of each Chakra individually using the ancient Vedic or Sanskrit art. I could see that each Chakra center had highly vibrating colors that extended beyond our energy field where the vibrations melded into a colorful swirling pool in the vast undetermined reaches of the galaxy. That Image is pictured below.