Random Blessings

Random Blessings for Oracles, Party Blessings, Party Favors. Great for conversation starters, too. A very economical way to establish drink identification.

There are so many uses for these little packets of individual blessing labels. Take a chance! Each package is different and contains randomly selected labels from all of our collections and some discontinued ones. The surprising benefit is that your package arrives with blessings that are exactly right for you whether you knew it or not. Be open minded. See what your assortment tells you. Add this fun set to your order and keep them on-hand for guests and parties.

Random Blessings are great for gifts, and is the best deal we offer. Each word or concept in the set  brings a new possibility to ponder. 

No Duplicates in any assortment, but if you are looking for a specific topic or word, mention that in your comments and we will try to fulfill your wishes.


CHOOSE BLACK OR GREY BLESSING LABELS - Soft dove grey is very classy when placed on a glass of red wine, or dark cocktails. These words are perfect for dark mugs or other dark containers. The words show up, but gently so.


DO YOU WANT BLESSING LABELS WITH A HOLE AND RIBBON? to use as an ornament on Christmas Trees, Wreaths, or other holiday decor.



Customer Testimonials

"I love surprises."
Becky B., Reseda, CA

"… a great gift idea." 

Megan L., Tacoma, WA

"This is my second order. There are a bunch of us Bunco gals who are having fun with these, and of course, everyone takes their blessings home."
Karen V., Seattle, WA

“I took a chance and got an amazing set of words. I never would have picked them, but 
they do fit me perfectly."
Mani D., Seattle, WA

"This was fun! It is like a spiritual grab-bag."
Clara W., Tualitin, OR

"It's like drawing cards in a psychic reading. Each label brought me a new understanding of my life path."
Christine M., Orlando, FL

"Perfect! I got them as a hostess gift. So nice."
Sarah K., Roseville, CA

"Of the 10 pieces, 6 of them were exactly what I was needing for my healing process."
Martina C., Novato, CA