Random Blessings

Party Blessings, Party Starters, and Random Blessing Oracles. So many uses for this little packet of blessing labels. Take a chance! Each package is different and contains 10 randomly selected labels from discontinued collections and some current ones. Add this fun set to your order and keep them on-hand for guests and parties. Random Blessings are great for gifts, and is the best deal we offer. Each word or concept in the set  brings a new possibility to ponder. Using these for drink markers is a very economical way to establish party drink protocol. Great for conversation starters, too.


Customer Testimonials

"I love surprises."
Becky B., Reseda, CA

"… a great gift idea." 

Megan L., Tacoma, WA

"This is my second order. There are a bunch of us party gals who are having fun with these, and of course, everyone takes their blessings home."
Karen V., Seattle, WA

“I took a chance and got an amazing set of blessings. I never would have picked them, but 
they do fit me perfectly."
Mani D., Seattle, WA

"This was fun! It is like a spiritual grab-bag."
Clara W., Tualitin, OR


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