Return to the Heart

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Loss is an inevitable part of life. Grief is the natural expression of the energy that follows a personal loss. It helps to move our emotions when they become stuck in the shock of losing a loved one or a significant part of our lives. Our hearts are painfully empty and our feelings reflect that void. Use these words for any part of the healing process. The special compassionate messages inside are written to help transform the experience and move on.

The written messages inside bring deep meaning that move silently to the heart, where grief can be healed and transformed.

Customer Testimonials

"I am so glad you decided to offer a grief collection. I am using these decals for my clients who suffer with depression and deep incapacitating ennui. They seem to help.”
Dannielle A., Vancouver, BC

"The loss of my marriage is more than heartbreak. It is the loss of part of me. I hope these blessings help me cope and heal."

Shelby O., Albuquerque, NM

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