Secrets of the Sacred Feminine

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The Sacred Feminine can best be understood as a sense of creation, nurturing, and growing. In order to bring out the best of feminine traits, we come to understand that ALL that is, first began as a creation of love. The Earth shows us a form of love by providing for animals and humans, by sharing the 4 elements with the entire planet,  by endowing  all living organisms with the energy to support the entire co-creation of life. Such is the way with women... in our smaller ways, we create life in our thoughts, give life in physical form, and in our instinct, sustain life and nurture growth. These Water Blessing words are meant as a reminder that the Sacred Feminine is a strong force for positive right action, and something to aspire to when we feel we have lost our Sacred Feminine identity or empowerment. Use these blessing words to bring the feminine spirit back into full, radiant, expression.