Sea Magic

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Invoke the power of the sea to transform your life. The sea has long been celebrated for its beauty and mystery. When you connect to the ocean's energies, you will deepen your experience of the natural world in order to enrich your life. This book takes on a voyage of spiritual rejuvenation. You will learn about various types of shells and sea creatures, both real and mythical. Become aware or many sea deities and saints to amplify your spiritual practice. You can also integrate sea awareness into your meditations.

Set up your sea-themed altar to empower your intentions, and then use your mind to expand your spiritual awareness. Experience the cosmic ocean-moon meditation and seashell hand mudras. Release emotions using ocean breath, attuned to the tides. Use shells on your altar for divination and visualizations. Connect with a cherished sea totem animal and set out on a shamanic journey. Dive into the world of emotions, imagination and creativity and let the sea's timeless wisdom guide you on your life path.