Working to make important changes in our lives requires daily self-exploration. When we use positive statements about ourselves, our awareness grows stronger and more possibilities and insights occur. What do we believe about ourselves and about our world? What do we feel? Who do we love? What do we want? Asking water to carry the vibration of these concepts and more will not only help us know ourselves deeper, but also will help us reach a high state of awakened consciousness. Create the life you want from the inside out. This collection is perfect for the far reaches of self-awareness and positive transformation through truth.

Customer Testimonials

“Wow! This is really different to make these statements about. without needing to change anything about myself. Just dig deep and find what is already there. As if I am already evolved somehow."

Becky M., Santa Fe, NM

"I have used water blessings since they were created in 2003. I like this new version. of Self-Awareness. I don't feel like I have to work at anything. Just believe it is already true.  They really work."
Cindy T., Williams, OR