Share the Light

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Our light is amplified by the resonance of our thoughts, beliefs, physical health, and emotional wellbeing. Inspired by Buddha's message of compassion and sharing, we open our hearts to the deeper meanings of love, gratitude, peace, and joy, we light a torch of understanding that shines brilliantly for all to experience. We embrace higher levels of compassion and caring so we can assist others who need what we offer. In doing so, we keep our own path illuminated. It all comes back in a never-ending circle of love. 2 of each word gives you a set to adorn your containers and another set to share as inspired. Or find many places to put these words where you will always remain inspired.

Customer Testimonials

I cut them up into individual labels and offer them as a gift to those I encounter who need a boost."
Elizabeth M., San Diego, CA

"Thank you for these words. They are a great comfort to hospice patients and families."
Winnie L., Madison, WI

"Someone gave me a set for my birthday. I was thrilled with the concept, and ordered some extra sets for people in my community. We are working to transform our water into something drinkable, since the US government doesn't care to help us."
Angie K., Flint, MI