SolarBlue™ Water Bottle Set

Let the sun transform your water!

In this Solar Blue Gift Set:

1 Liter Cobalt Blue Bottle with Flip-top Lid
4 oz. Cobalt Sprayer and 2 oz. Spritzer
Stainless Steel Mini Funnel
Package of Zero Limits Water Blessing Labels

Blue Glass is compelling and beautiful. The rich intense color activates the brain function that remembers our deepest connection to water; and that activates a loving, safe feeling. This is called "Blue Mind," and it is a proven physiological response that has been developed for millions of years in human beings. Beyond that science, it has also been proven that blue glass allows particular energy rays from the sun to reach and transform water while blocking out harmful rays that degrade, such as in beverages or cosmetics. But blue also serves a higher purpose. 

Why The Color Blue ... of all the Colors?

Blue is the purest and coolest color of the light spectrum. It is associated with rest, relaxation, sleep, regeneration, honesty, stability, and communication. Blue decreases blood pressure and heart rate, relieves nervousness and stress, and is very soothing to look at.  It is very effective in the treatment of headaches and sleep disorders. Blue is also a highly effective color for meditation, communication, spiritual growth, and high mental qualities.  Blue brings out creative power and instills a sense of peace.

SolarBlue water can be made using these blue glass water bottles. This ordinary beer bottle sold to home brew enthusiasts everywhere are actually treasures most of the world doesn't understand. The water that is transformed through the blue glass by the sun can be used as a cleansing water for crystals, for skin, a healing elixir, and a positive health drink. The altered molecules in Solar Blue water allow one to "transmute memories" in the subconscious mind so the body can release and heal them.

Condition your water with the power of the sun. Charging your water with light rays will cleanse and heal body, mind, and spirit.  SolarBlue water heals and resets the subconsious mind back to zero, a pure state, to create space for a clean start. An added benefit of the SolarBlue water is that it is even tastier than plain water. And it is very easy to make.

More about Blue...

Blue is the color of the fifth chakra, the so-called power center or the throat chakra (Vishuddha). The throat chakra is extremely important because it represents the transcendent passage, a way through which energy from the higher energy centers can move to the lower ones and vice versa. It is the first center of higher frequencies and only when it is completely clean and open, we can reach higher states of consciousness. It is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual world, between the heart and the mind. It separates the secular from the sacred and transmits the intention of the soul.