The Sea Witch: A Grimoire of Ocean Magic

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The Sea Witch: A Grimoire of Ocean Magick is a compendium of sea based witchcraft for those who feel drawn to the element of water, in particular the great ocean.

The Sea Witch provides an overview of the folklore of the sea, oceanic deity and the spirit archetypes of the marine dwelling creatures that inhabit the waters. In addition to the multitude of spells from binding, blessing, prosperity and love drawing, an explanation of seashell divination, known as conchomancy, is also included. Learn to cast the sea shells, or even discover the magick of mermaid runes, a unique divination system that introduces a runic system for sea witches.

A type of book of shadows for sea witches, this grimoire is a resource that you can draw from to create your own 'book of tides' (a sea witch equivalent to a book of shadows).

This eclectic curated offering of knowledge of sea magick is ideal for beginner witches, or those who wish to explore sea witchcraft.

Excerpt from Sea Witch: A Grimoire of Ocean Magick-
"The Ocean, with its vast, unknowable beauty is alluring and mysterious. Wide horizons beckon adventurers with the promise of freedom, whilst merely dipping your toes into the foamy, shallow shore is deeply restorative. The steady ebb and flow of the waves keeps the rhythm of a heartbeat; comforting in its assurance that you are not alone. The sea has captivated mankind since antiquity, and it's no wonder we are drawn to this marvelous beauty, a liminal space where earth meets water. To merely behold the ocean is to be awestruck by its magnitude as it is a tangible representation of the universe as a living, energetic thing. We are able to receive a rich, sensory encounter when we spend time by the water; the ocean shifts continuously, waves break upon the sand, as the tides move in and out. We see the effect of the wind on the water, causing ripples and tumultuous waves. Inhaling deeply provides an olfactory experience like no other as salt and sea mingle to create a distinctive, marine aroma. Burying our feet in the sand can help us feel rooted in the earthly element of the beach, whilst the white noise of crashing waves is soothing to the psyche."