Water Mystic Gift Set

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When the Water Woman collection was being conceived, this glass swirl pendant came to our attention. For those who truly love the ocean and use water for divination, this pendand is the perfect complement to the powerful mystical messages in the Water Woman Blessing Label collection. This set is not for the average spirit seeker. For those who are most comfortable around or in water; for those who renew their strong love for the ocean each day; and for those who are unafraid to jump into deep emotional water with the full spirit of a shaman.... this set is for you.

Customer Testimonials

"It's really perfect for me. The ocean is my best friend."
Nina Y, ,Arcata, CA

"Thank you for this set. The labels and necklace are wonderful, but the description and poetry on the back have opened my heart full-on."
Ziggy H., San Francisco, CA