Window Blessings

63" of Blessing Words


Blessing water has been a tradition started in the early 2000s, but using blessings has been a practice used for thousands of years. When we bless ourselves and others, we are shifting the universe and influencing it with a new thought. Those thoughts have profound effects on our lives and the lives around us. When we use positive words and affirmations in our daily lives we are maintaining a frequency of optimism and trust where all good things can happen. Use these window blessings in your car, home windows, refrigerators, computers, shower doors, mirrors, or more. The silent work is not insignificant. All lives change when the vibration of a powerful word enters our consciousness.

Cut words apart or use them in a long strip by attaching them end-to-end. The full strip can reach up to 63". Use the dots that surround each word to align a string of blessings together evenly spaced.

This collection represents most known words of higher consciousness and offers opportunities to bless all aspects of life.


Customer Testimonials

“Wow. You really understood what I wanted when I wrote to you about blessings in my car. They are't too big or too small.  I like that these blessings can be discreet-- not like putting up a bumper sticker."
Patti W., Salt Lake City, UT

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