Chill, Heal, Wake-up Tiny Altar

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Chill, Heal, and Wake up! This simple wizard kit goes right to the heart of earth magic. Wise mystics take their tools wherever they go so they can practice at a moment's notice. 

This small metal tin fits in pocket or purse and contains:

• Crystals & Stones
Tiny Compass
• Earth element cards (when you cannot get the real thing, these photo cards hold the energies just fine)
• Earth Element Charms
• Scrying mirror

• Black tourmaline pendulum
• Flower of life medallion
• Soy tea light candle & non toxic matches
• Spell paper and cedar pencil


As a Bonus Gift:

All Tiny Altars come with 4-6 randomly chosen Water Blessing Labels to extend your Sacred Practice to your drinking water.