Body Wisdom

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Our bodies are wise and know how to function at optimal levels; but often we short-circuit the process by inflicting physical or emotional conditions that make it impossible for the body to achieve balance. Hidden beliefs and addictive behaviors propel us into poor health and nutrition. Use these words to help re-set your body wisdom. Soon you will see a new image in the mirror.

These words were assembled for those who want spiritual and psychological inspiration to transform their health, weight, and body image. The appearance is small and subtle on a container, and shows up beautifully on a clear water glass. 

"Finally, something to help remind me how amazing my body can be with a few reminders."

Natalynne P., Miami, FL

"I lost over 100 lbs. while using these power words on my water bottle."
Connie Rae D., Omaha, NE

"I love the subtle look of the grey ink stickers I purchased along with the water band and the Slicker sticker. I don't always have a smooth surface bottle."
Lynn F., Orlando, FL

"The words in this collection have helped me stay true to my weight loss goals. Thank you for offering a gentle reminder without exploiting dieters with impossible claims."
Cheryl M., San Diego, CA

"I keep "ageless beauty" on my coffee mug. That sticker reminds me that I am still living each day with beauty and grace."

Martha W., Scottsdale, AZ

"It is so refreshing to have motivational weight-loss tools that aren't full of hype. I also like that they don’t scream out for everyone to see.”
Trina C., Orlando, FL

"Each one opens me up to a new concept of myself. Thank you."
Bella P., Bellingham, WA

These words are very powerful as I work toward my weight loss goal. Just reading the words help me feel my will-power rising.”
Amy S., Gateway, CO