Rays of Change

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7 Words becomes 28 different blessings
Start with words of  wit and whimsy. The Universe loves change and pizzaz. Make a choice each day. "Be" or "Stay" the way you want. "Live" with the power of certain concepts, and use the amazing power of "I AM" to declare just who you are in any given moment. When we bless ourselves and the world, we change reality in the universe and the cells in our body, mind, and spirit.  From the Crown Chakra to the root chakra, what we express changes all realities around us. Choose positive words!!!

With this set, you can change your meaning but keep the same blessing. This collection features 7 positive blessing words plus 4 modifiers you can cut apart and place above your blessing word to change the power it has according to your desires. Rays of Change are powerful thoughts and conditions we aspire too. And here's a lively addition to the world of "blessings"... "woke" is the most current buzzword for knowing what is going on in the world, spiritually, politically, and ecologically. Be a ray of hope for the planet where you can. Be woke. Stay woke.