Law of Attraction Tiny Altar

Attract what you want. It might be wealth, or health. You might wish for success or love. We can attraction whatever our hearts desire. If you desire personal power or self growth, those things can come too, anytime you focus your intentions on the matter. The trick is to pretend you already have what you want, and allow yourself to feel (daydream) what that condition feels like in your body. We can trick our minds into believing we have already attracted the goal, and now the body begins to resonate like a magnet, pulling and attracting more of the same. It is one of those strange psycho-spiritual affects that works with body, mind, and spirit in balance.

Kits come with:
• $100 Bill (facsimile for intention)
• Magic Charms for attraction totems
• Magnifying Heart Glass
• Purple Scrying Mirror to attract desires
• Soy Based Tealight Candle and non-toxic matches
• Tiny Crystal Orb for Psychic Gazing
• 6 Oracle Cards for Quick Readings
• Flower of Life Medallion
• Attraction Stones (fluorite, quartz)
• Totem Attraction Doll for ceremony

As a Bonus Gift:

All Tiny Altars come with 4-6 randomly chosen Water Blessing Labels to extend your Sacred Practice to your drinking water.