Goddess Energy

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Charge your water with Goddess Energy

The power of the Sacred Feminine is always with us and we can call upon it at any time. We refer to this source as Goddess Energy; and it is something that is easily accessed by all who relate to the divinity and heart essence of the human female. Goddesses are wise, strong, and expressive. They are creator spirits who know how to make new realities happen. Because of their sensuous nature and the desire to experience all the gifts this world presents, a Goddess celebrates her life in the most elegant and dramatic ways in order to feel all the energies available through earth elements and spirit sources. Using these words and ideas, invite the Divine Goddess to live in your reality and watch how abundance flows through art, creativity, prosperity, relationships and opportunities. Let your own Goddess rise as you feel your power rise and shine like the full moon.

Peel off the words you wish to put on your water bottle or container. The sheet also includes a sacred Goddess Sigil created by Jasna Pecaric, an originator of this collection. You also get two strips of border art to use on your container as embellishment as you desire. This collection is abundant with 18 word blessings and 3 art pieces. In addition, if you carefully cut on the lines between the blessings on the printed backer card, you will have an oracle deck of 18 small pull cards to use for daily readings. 

This Goddess Energy Collection reflects HER generosity, wisdom, and transformative abilities. Using this collection will weave those same qualities in your life.