Healing Stones Wisdom Deck

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Card Deck
Ocean Spirit Healing Stone Wisdom Deck is a handy pocket altar in a metal tin. Crystals and stones are more popular than ever now, and when used for healing and divination, their power is undeniable. Use these cards to learn the properties of the main stones used in all spiritual healing practices. This 26-piece Card Deck helps to keep your wisdom all in one place. The metal tin is easy to stash and carry anywhere. Use your cards to make spreads or oracles. A pendulum is a perfect way to dowse your answers when choosing a stone to work with. The energy of each stone comes through in the full color photography, the words, and your strong intentions. To be more effective, add a pouch of the 26 stones representing each one in this wisdom deck. Stones are ½"-¾" and perfect for Reiki and grid boards, too. Purchase the stone pouch alone, too.