Awakened Mind

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Words flutter easily like butterflies and quickly migrate to the vast pool of creation where they forever shape our reality. The Awakened Mind is aware of self-sabotaging language and changes it before it influences the outcome. Using conscious language works hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction. Think carefully before speaking. Choose your words mindfully so they reflect truth and authenticity about you. Words have great power. If you say you “are” something, be sure this is what you really want to be, because you will manifest whatever you say about yourself. If you release your words as if they are active statements of truth, that is what you create.

Customer Testimonials

 “These positive affirmations remind me of all the times I identify myself in negative ways."

 Eliza B., Eugene, OR

"These have tremendous power. "

Karen W., Miami, FL

"I have used "I Create" for years. I am an artist, but constantly use positive reinforcement. It's great you brought this back. I am giving this collection as a gift to another artist friend."
Marissa L., NY