Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction is real. It is not a made-up incentive to sell books or spiritual items, but it is a spiritual/scientific law that originated in times when biblical doctrines were being explored and even considered "miracles." Basically what the Law of Attraction teaches us in very simple terms is, "like attracts like." This is science. It is the power of magnetism. We are magnetic bodies. Our minds hum to the frequency of our thoughts. Today, we know a lot about human consciousness. The information is readily available. What we think, we create. Thoughts are things. If we keep our thoughts in high resonance, we WILL manifest what we want. 

When The Law of Attraction was being scrutinized 2 decades ago with the movie, "The Secret," people thought it was a hoax and they disputed the power because so many could not get the law to work for them. Here's the real secret... those who failed missed one very critical step that alone leads to all manifestation processes. We must use our energy to "create" the result of what we want, first in our minds, and then in our bodies before we can ever attract our visions. Using your senses is the key to creating your reality. If you can feel it, you can create it.

Use this activation wheel to remind you of the 8 influences that must be used to be in alignment with the Law of Attraction. Use the 8 Water Blessing Labels to remind you, as you drink, your water is being charged with the power of manifestation in any of the categories. Switch them often. Use a new one each day. Use them all at the same time. No rules. No sweat. Pretend you are already there. That is the power of the Law of Attraction. The brain does not differentiate the energy between what we want and what we say we already have, except... like attracts like. If we think we "want," we will always want. If we think we already have it, our. magnetism attracts more of it. Remember that biblical reference in the 23rd Psalms? We shall not want!!!! 

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