Sacred Geometry

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Color: Black Ink

These patterns form the matrix for all creation and are found in animals, vegetables, and minerals. Any one of these symbols can be seen as a pattern of numbers and also describe aspects of cosmic sound. The knowledge goes deep into the origin of life, and if you use these symbols to gain an understanding of your place in the cosmic scheme of the universe, you will be connecting with wisdom that has been hidden in plain sight for millions of years 

Use your symbols as an oracle by letting your pendulum swing over the sheet and allowing it to stop or hover over one or more symbols. We are not providing "meanings" for these glyphs, but rather encourage you to contemplate on the shape that has been suggested for your session, and let its own wisdom tell you what you can learn from it. 

When you have determined which symbols you wish to use, peel them from the sheet and place on your water bottle or beverage container where it can influence your water in vast, cosmic knowledge. Each symbol represents a 3-dimensional shape and a series of sound vibrations that can transform water into possibilities.