Fairy Magic Tiny Altar

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This tiny realm of fairy folk is an enchanting experience of magic and mysticism for little places, or while traveling. Never leave your fae at home alone. Take all the magic with you. In this pocket kit you will find:

• Glass Vial of Fairy Dust
• Green Spell Candle
• Non-toxic Matches

• Real Wood Candle Holder
• 6-Card Oracle Deck for quick readings
• A quartz crystal nugget
• A Hag stone for psychic seeing
• A Green Scrying Mirror with Fairy Ring Game on the back
• A Tiny Cedar/Star Wand to cast your intentions into the realm
• A container of Fairy Magic Herbal Aroma Blend for Spellwork
• A Tiny Maple Wood Bowl to hold a pinch of herbs
• Real moss rug on which to display your Tiny Altar objects

As a Bonus Gift:

All Tiny Altars come with 4-6 randomly chosen Water Blessing Labels to extend your Sacred Practice to your drinking water.