Moon Signs

This collection influences each of us with predictable feelings and behavoirs connected with moon phases, and  cosmic intelligence we can bring in from beyond known galaxies. These 32 lunar and cosmic symbols influence our personality, lifestyle choices, and the unfolding  of our life events.

Moon phases bring specific energies for each cycle as they affect our bodies and minds in the way the moon phases affect  the tides of world oceans. Because we are 70% water, we are also influenced by the magnetic pull of the moon’s movement. If we can use that shift of energies during each phase, we will live  in synchronicity with planetary power that can bring us greater personal power and wisdom.

Contemplate the power of the moon and use that richness to enhance your awareness. Place one or more on your container for integrating interlocking energies. Trust the transformative power of  this process. If you have intentions you wish to manifest, use a pendulum and ask it to show you the specific influences you need to use, whether it is moon phase power or cosmic influences to bring profound energies into your life.