Sound Blessings

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Chronic pain, illness, depression, confusion, and many other chronic conditions seem to disappear when we integrate sound into our daily lives either through singing, or expressing ourselves audibly. The natural voice is extremely powerful, but our ears are just as important as we take in vibrational messages that can transform us instantly. This collection will introduce you to the many ways sound can be used for body, mind, and spirit.

The human voice exhibits all of the silent and audible working frequencies in each physical, emotional, and spiritual body. A majority of individuals have missing our stressed “notes” which correlate with weakened brain patterns that compromise health and happiness. Sound can heal us, change our moods, dispel depression, alter intelligence, and raise our vibration tremendously. Develop your own healthy sound practice.

Customer Testimonials

“I am so interested in healing with sound."
Melanie B., Sedona, AZ

"This set is more powerful than I first understood. The word suggestions are deeply transformative."
Bethany L., Victoria, BC

"This collection is beautiful. I am a sound worker and I will recommend this collection to 
my clients."
Andura P., Los Angeles, CA

"My teacher recommended this set. I can't wait to start using sound as my medicine. It makes healing beautiful."

Percy C., Santa Monica, CA

"This Sound Collection is wonderful! I am happy I found you!"
Pettis T., Boulder, CO