Lapis Lazuli Pendulum

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This pure gem-quality Lapis Pendulum resonates to the power of high spiritual wisdom and insight. A stone of great beauty and depth, the mere act of holding it can impart a sense of inner peace and calm knowing. Mystics have used Lapis for "clear sight" for hundreds of thousands of years to assist healing, answer questions, and acquire the Wisdom of Water.

Your pendulum will respond to your own energy, so it is advised you become thoroughly bonded with this powerful tool for divination. Carry it in your pocket for a while and use it often. Your own skill at deriving answers will increase as your Lapis Pendulum learns your personal vibration. It can perform for you as an oracle, a healing stone, or an indicator of physical body health. Reiki masters and healing professionals use pendulums to show them where injury or illness exists in the body.

Allow the images of deep blue water to permeate your consciousness as you use this tool. Water is the ultimate healing force on the planet. Open your blue mind and receive the answers you seek.

This pendulum comes with The Spirit of Water Divination Card to help you qualify the movements of your stone.