I AM Affirmation Mantras

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I AM Affirmation Mantras

Use these mantras each day and place them where you can see them often. The I AM energy is a powerful force that manifests whatever is said after the words, "I AM;" so be mindful of what you say about yourself. These mantras are uniquely crafted with some companion words that expand a concept. For instance, if you described yourself as Prosperous, you could manifest that, but would you be happy? Prosperity has been known to cause many challenges. So, we say "peaceful and prosperous" because it contributes to a higher vibration of prosperity. Study the mantras and find which ones resonate with you each day. Then repeat, repeat, repeat!



Customer Testimonials

“When the movie "I AM" came out by Tom Shadyac, I learned so much about the I AM energy, and these affirmations are good reminders. Thank you, I am blessed."
Missy P., Oxnard, CA

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