Lemurian Journey Herbs & Abalone Shell

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This compelling aromatic herbal blend reaches deep into your consciousness and helps facilitate a shamanic journey by relaxing the mind and awakening the Third Eye. Not for burning, smoking or ingesting. Just activate the aroma by placing a few pinches in the abalone shell provided, or use a small altar dish. Crush between thumb and fingers, and let the fragrance come alive. This secret recipe was handed down by Mongolian and European mystics used for dreams and visions. Their claim is that it was passed to them by Lemurian Star Mothers who were the first of a long lineage of mystics on earth. 

This is a powerful relaxation blend and encourages strong, clear dreams and visions. Also allows a deeper meditation experience. Some say it activates a mind-trip also, although nothing in it is considered psychotropic. Yet the mind responds psychically to this herbal aromatic blend. All ingredients are organic and not altered with artificial additives.

The Journey Eye Mask, sold separately or with this blend as an add-on, has a hidden pocket where you can stash a pinch of this blend, or add power stones to the area of the Third Eye. Purchase together as a set, or separately. 2 oz. Cobalt Blue Square Jar with Cork Stopper. Organic cotton eye mask with soft fleece facial lining filled with organic flax seeds lightly weighted for the assurance of a deeper journey.