Create Your Day

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Begin with a feeling. What would you like to experience today? What do you wish to accomplish? Take a moment when you first awaken in the morning and identify your desires. Feel the emotions connected with those things you ask for. Then mentally run through your day making space and time for your creation to happen as if your day is a stage production and has been choreographed exactly to your specifications. Feelings and beliefs play a major role. Breathe in your desires, feel all dimensions of your creation, and allow yourself to create freely without limiting beliefs.


"I have used my blessing labels for several years, and I feel there is great magic in using these affirmations each day. I can't imagine not creating my day."
Pamela W., Evanston, IL

"When I learned about Creating Your Day, by Joe Dispenza and the movie, What the Bleep, I knew this would be an important spiritual practice. I have used it daily and I depend on the labels to remind me."
Susan G., Tampa, FL

"Oh yes! What the Bleep was an eye opener. Since seeing that movie in 2004, I do create my days when I care what I want to happen. I have used your labels for a long time and I swear by them."
Natasha E., Portland, OR

"I gave this collection to 10 of my friends and they were thrilled. We create everything using these prompts."
Mariah P., Bronx, NY

"By all means I believe in consciously creating my day. The labels are very helpful and have been a game changer in a few instances."
Karen A., Los Angeles, CA