Chakra Rights Tiny Altar

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This Tiny Altar™ is just as powerful as a full sized altar, and in some ways even more so. Carry it with you, or set it up in a small, hidden place so only you can see it. Discrete with no visible branding, use it on a desk, in your car, window sill, counter top.  All the mystic tools contained in this tin have been activated with a spiritual charge from the earth. Renew often.

Focus your attention on the Chakra you wish to energize. Use the crystal pendulum over the chakra cards and it will point to the card representing that chakra. Use the tiny vials of precious stones to bring that healing energy into your body. Hold in your hand, or put in a pocket. The box is lined with a bed of pure quartz crystal chips to keep your vials of stones pure and empowered.

Inside the tin you will find:
• 2" Base Mirror to reflect your power
• Crystal Quartz Chips to activate love, healing and purity
• Clear Crystal Quartz Pendulum to divine answers
• A Chakra Card Deck for Healing Spreads 
• 8 Vials contain: 
 - 1st Chakra Garnet (grounding)
 - 2nd Chakra Carnelian (Creative, confident, sensual)
 - 3rd Chakra Citrine (positivity and joy)
 - 4th Chakra Peridot (attunement to life, heart connections)
 - 5th Chakra Turquoise (Voice, communication)
 - 6th Chakra Iolite (journey, dreams, and intuition)
 - 7th Chakra Amethyst (connection to higher knowledge, wisdom)
 - 8th Vial:  Clear Quartz Crystal, connecting to the power of OM. Use with other stones to enhance the healing frequencies.

As a Bonus Gift:

All Tiny Altars come with 4-6 randomly chosen Water Blessing Labels to extend your Sacred Practice to your drinking water.