Women Rising

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The First Women's March on Washington, January 21, 2017 showed the world the power of women when they band together. The whole world was watching and many other countries had sister marches to spread the energy far and wide. Women marched in peace, declared their intentions, and then spread a potent message to the world... women will rise and take a strong lead in support of each other, all life, and the earth.

When this collection was created we had just had the 3rd  annual Women's March and women's rights and issues were being noticed. Now, as evidenced by the Roe v Wade decision, women's rights have been rescinded AGAIN.  We need more exposure, and more participation. We need more empowered voices to release political dominance on women's lives. Can we restart the power?

The only thing outdated about this collection is the backer card that refers to the Women's March on Washington. Plus, the phone number might not be active any longer to voice your opinions. But try to find a current one and give your voice to your beliefs.

Stay engaged and set your intentions. Water Blessing Labels help remind the user of the need to unite and take action in all ways, small and large. A percentage of profits are directly sent to organizations that peacefully elevate the power of women through love and direct action.

The cost is small but the empowerment factor is HUGE!



"Our group purchased the Affinity Bundle. This is so much fun. I feel the power of these words when I use them and the group power is building very well. Thank you."
Bethany R.Madison, Wi

"I was amazed how many women asked me where I got them."
Gina C., Oakland, CA

"I am asked every day where I got the messages on my water bottle." 
Susan E, Miami, FL