Spell Works Magic Potion Kit

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Mix your magical blends using this handy kit. It comes with two 1 oz. bottles –  cobalt blue, and purple.

Every alchemist needs tools for their sacred formulas.  Keep all your tools together in the muslin drawstring bag. This set is a great companion item with Spell Works Alchemy Symbols or Magic Spell Labels.

The set includes these items:

• 2 Silver metal caps
• 2 Dropper caps
• 2 Fine mist sprayer caps
• 1 Stainless steel funnel
• Glass measuring dropper
• 2 ea. ¼ dram bottles, cobalt and purple
• Muslin draw string bag for storage of all items

After you have prepared your secret formula or potion in the larger quantity, you can put a few drops in your tiny bottles and tuck them in your pocket or mojo bag next to your heart.

Check out the altar photo sent to us by one of our customers. She used Spell Labels on both her bottles and her tea light holders. Magical!