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Let’s be clear, however… Water alone is a magical substance but it is not the only magical substance you can use in this dimension. While water is a perfect carrier for your intentions and will hold and carry your wishes with magical precision, when you need more power than water, alone can create, you can make infused blended potions that will become an even greater carrier of your unique intentions or spells. Remember this…. You are a master of your intentions.

Here is the reality. Even if you use identical sources of water, and use an identical word or spell, it is your intentions that modify the action you wish to implement. This is the source of your magic. The rest becomes your tools. Water, word or intention labels, symbols and ideas are all yours to use as tools to awaken your true intentions and create the end result you desire. You are in command. Your tools obey your intentions. 

Using our silver Intention Labels and Alchemy Symbols, you can charge your water, or your blended potion to hold your precise intentions and use it where needed to carry your wishes. 

These words are printed in metallic silver so they show up well on colored potion bottles. Look for other Spell Works sets that feature our own bottle collections, tools, and alchemy symbols.


This Spell Works collection of labels includes 28 words and 12 modifiers made so you can label your spell potions in their bottles. The modifiers need to be cut out individually and they are small so they become less significant when placed above or below the main Spell Word. When you add a modifier you will be changing the meaning of your intended spell. This gives you the possibility of adding an additional 328 possible combinations to your practice. Think of the ways you can modify your intentions to fit your mystical work.

EASY TO USE - These static cling labels are easy to use and change. For best results, wet the surface of the bottle just a little bit, and slide the label in place. Then squeegee away the bubbles. This prevents air bubbles from forming under the label, so they look better on the bottle.

When you are finished, wash your label in warm water (soap if necessary), and pat it dry. Then replace it back on the carrier sheet or other smooth surface for storage.

The labels appear light in the photos because they represent SILVER ink. Read the darker layout to see which words are included in this set.

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