Angels of Light

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Your Angels are always with you. There is a constant connection that never ceases. This is why _ when in times of trouble _ we can call our Angels and they will rush in and help us immediately. Sometimes Angels cannot change the course of a cosmic action. In those times, they will hold us and comfort us while we experience challenges. All they ask is that we trust and believe. Doing so initiates right action, and soon change occurs.

Be clear about what you want. Pick the words that resonate in your heart. Your angels feel your energy and respond with love, peace, and joy. The power of Angelic Love will help resolve fear, pain, anguish, and grief so you can create the life you want. 

Peel off the words you wish to put on your water bottle or container. The sheet also includes Sacred Wings, a Sigil created by Jasna Pecaric, an originator of this collection. You also get two strips of border art to use on your container as embellishment as you desire. This collection is abundant with 18 word blessings and 3 art pieces. In addition, if you carefully cut on the lines between the blessings printed on the backer card, you will have an oracle deck of 18 small pull cards to use for daily readings. 

Angels are kind, compassionate, and wise. They attract miracles. Using this collection will weave those same qualities in your life.