Rasa Blessings


Working with the 9 Rasas
There are 9 Rasas that affect the energies we feel in our daily lives. They have a great influence on the health of body, mind, and spirit as they color emotional moods or mental responses. In sound healing practices, the Rasas are also practiced to help each person's sound reach the level of divine expression.

In the Hindu / Vedic / Yogic Spiritual Traditions, knowing how to use Rasa expressions to achieve emotional mastery is a deep study of its own; but we can learn a lot by practicing the Rasas through simple intention, prayer, meditation, sound or movement.

This collection of water blessings helps deepen our ability to express authentically, practically, and artistically as we understand how to use the Rasas. Allow the water blessings to influence your understanding of yourself and your  moods. Your instinctual feelings might amplify your desire but there is great personal power in following your soul's urge to express.

Allow the blessing labels to remind you of the state of self awareness you seek. Allow your body and mind to feel free with your feelings, and express fully in that mind-set. Using the sanskrit words evoke a tradition of sound-pattern recognition in the brain. The resulting "performance" for yourself or others will create a frequency change in the cells and molecules and help free emotions that are stuck. This is the way we introduce flavor, or Rasa into our lives and our expressions.