Mermaid Spirit

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The legends of mermaids are beloved by all. Images of sea-loving women, swimming and playing free in the water is something that captures our most playful imaginations and supports a universal belief that mermaids exist in all oceans worldwide. Most women see the mermaid as archetype for a free loving, free-moving, goddess of water.

We love that we can cast our blessings to help us get into the mindset of these beautiful ocean creatures and transform beliefs that have limited our Sacred Feminine empowerment. Mermaids are divine sea spirits that live in all cultures and all body types, colors, and configurations. This means, a mermaid could be a human female, or even a human male. It could also be a sea creature of the feminine persuasion. Let your imagination play with various water beings and learn from the way they approach their love of the seas and their love of themselves. The song of the mermaid is an empowered song. She lives alone and capable in the deep blue oceans. When she wants company, she rises to the surface and finds a friend. 

The words in this collection might seem ordinary or unexciting, until you read how they are used to further the mystique of mermaid and merman goddesses and gods that tickle our imaginations, boost our ability to shape-shift, and know how to think and act like a blessed sea-loving mermaid spirit.

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