Lemurian Journey - Reveal Blessings

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There are five stages of reconnection with Lemurian awareness. This collection features blessings that encourage illumination of our true selves by revealing what we hold inside. This would be our deepest darkest secrets and the inner holdings we were not aware of. Some of these hidden shadows affect our ability to live our highest selves in this lifetime. It is a courageous process to reveal our true selves, but once we do, the light opens a new path and our lives change. This awakening process is used with the Lemurian Journey Board and is the 1st Pillar of Consciousness in the Lemurian Game system. Lemuria is a state of mind that opens the heart and mind to new insights. When a person explores themselves, they learn they had power all along. They just forgot. See the other Lemurian Inspirational Labels for advancement through the five stages: Reveal, Remember, Rejuvenate, Resonate, and Reclaim.