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Transform your life using the wisdom and mystery of water. Along with many Water Blessing collections, check out the unique inspirational gifts for water lovers who wish to work with water as a spirit.  You will see abundant Water Blessing Labels but also delightful gifts for goddesses, witches, wizards, water-lovers, hags, shamans, and wild water mystics. As you move through our treasures, notice the nature influences that work to create magic using water and the other 4 elements: earth, air, fire, and spirit, as well as the influences of the sun, moon, and planetary energies.

Find what you need. Embrace what your heart tells you. Listen to the Spirit of Water sharing her wisdom. 

Water Blessings are one way to use the sacred power of water. There are more.

Water, one of Nature's sacred elements, becomes our power totem when used in ceremony and ritual with the other Earth Elements. The Spirit of Water is alive in all elements and works to create cohesion in our awakening. To combine your Water Blessing practices with healing, mystical, and shamanic journeywork for personal transformation and spiritual awakening, we have selected natural totems and honored spiritual items to nurture your process. Call on the extraordinary power in shells, wood, and herbs to amplify your Water Blessings and to expand your intentions. Bring your intentions to water’s edge using portable altars or create sacred space in your home with water on your altar and some of these divine objects to enhance all practices. The power of earth elements working together awaken the mysteries within you.

If you love the magic and mysticism of water, let your blessings and water help create new dreams for 2021.