All Energy Travels in Waves

Shara Gardner
 There is a concept that a person can create their own reality. This is only partially correct because it is generally debated in a one-way manner; for example, a person sends a message to the Universe with a request or a desired outcome. This is only ½ of the process. With that request you are sending ia wave of energy, called "feed-forward-wave" and it is the first part of the loop – your desire. That energy will be coming back in the form of a "feed-back-wave" which is the the universe creating its reality as it responds to you and everyone else who has desires to create their reality. The Universe finds a mutual solution. It interacts with all energies on the planet along with your desires; and it gives you a result that is a combination of all "feed-forward waves," including your own."

Metaphysical DNA - The magic and the mystery

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  Your DNA was influenced by your ancestors and their bloodlines that contributed to your cell formation. This doesn't sound very metaphysical until you consider something that I ponder often. The energy that influences our DNA is not just physical. It is cosmic and has to do with choices made by your soul before you slipped into your current lifetime. Also, remember, what you think about another, you create about yourself. You created your current reality and continue to create it. That’s how DNA works.

Think about that.

Activate 5 Quantum Superpowers Through Your Blue Mind

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We all would love to have a collection of superpowers we can rely on for the times when we need a big boost. If you have waved off the scientific explanations of extraordinary powers, maybe it is time to revisit the ideas. I think we all would love to have a collection of superpowers we can rely on for the times when we need a big boost. We all pray, meditate, and use our psychic senses to open new paths; and we all do our sensory practices because we believe they help our consciousness to remain open and aware; but when I needed a bigger boost, I look for deeper wisdom. I look to Water.

Making a Reverse Bucket List

Shara Gardner

Sandy Beach
There is great power in making a reverse bucket list. While most everyone knows how to do a regular bucket list -- and it is quite empowering to do at any age --I strongly suggest you do a reverse list. It will provide quite a different experience, possibly one that will open your heart to your past and give you deep appreciation for your journey through life.


Punching Through the Veil

Shara Gardner
"Karma," I hear them say, "is misunderstood." In most cases it is about action and reaction, but it is also about setting something in motion that will resonate for a long period of time. Such was the case when I declared my independence from car trouble.  Such an insignificant thing in the fabric of the universe, but Mother Water reminded me of the time I made such a powerful declaration of independence that, to this day, 20 years later, it is still working.

Thank Yourself First

Shara Gardner
 Did it ever occur to you that we live our whole lives paying homage to our religions, ancestors, our families, our cultural icons, and our friends and lovers? We honor our bosses and co-workers for the gifts they bring into our lives. We give thanks for the Great Spirit who has provided us with consciousness, nourishment,  and shelter. We strive to attain a grateful heart and enrich our minds with new thoughts so we can maintain a high level of consciousness.  Most of our gratitude and adoration is freely given to others even though often we silently endure the pain and pleasures of life in order to walk our path demonstrating greater feats of courage and accomplishment.  Like me, you have probably put yourself last when gratitude is expressed.