Torus Crystal Grid - 8"

What is a Torus?

In geometric terms, it is an energy field of human waves that form a continuous movement around the body. Energy flows in streams, forming a vortex whorl. Think of a wave form that creates ripples, but now think of that movement being three dimensional flowing like a donut shape around our bodies.

The Torus, in cosmic terms, sits in the universal energy field, which is unlimited, or infinite. This is also the reason why we are all connected, at all times, with everything else in the universe because our energies have their own Torus field, yet we are also part of the greater cosmic Torus field. So there is a moving field around us that affects our own moving field within our bodies and energy aura - a whorl within a whorl.

In sacred geometry, a Torus gives and receives energy. This crystal grid board represents the energy field we wish to influence. When you work with crystals and stones, you are adding vital vibrations that help keep your body safe, healthy, and energized. With, or without crystals, the Torus Geometry is extremely powerful in conditioning the mind and consciousness to resonate with high cosmic energies.

HOW IT WORKS WITH THE CHAKRAS and other healing systems

The aura that is generated connects all points of all your chakras together which creates the infinite vortex energy. This create balance, which is the goal of healing the Chakras, that they all be harmonious. Use your chakra stones, candles, or objects to illuminate each energy point and raise its energy imprint.

Many people use grid practices for ritual, magic, healing, or Shamanic Journeywork. Some set a grid with stones or sacred objects for the purposes of establishing Reiki or other vibrational healing systems. You can use the Torus to set up a prosperity energy field. In fact, your magnetic Torus attraction pulls abundance within your Torus field to make it available in your life.

Our 8" Torus Yantra (a yantra is a geometric pattern or form) is made of clear unsealed birch wood and is ¼" thick. You can paint it, or embellish it as you wish.