Using Blessings


Water Blessing Uses

Static Cling Labels only work on smooth surfaces, and many bottles or containers are not smooth, but we have put together some options. 

• Make a continuous band of blessings and attach them  end-to-endaround any surface.
• Use a blank piece of static cling (Bottle Wrap) and attach it end to end, then place blessings on the top, or underside
• Use a memory coil band with a smooth surface and place blessings on it
• Use a silicone covered memory coil band with a blessing already etched in the silicone
* Put blessings on blank sticky-back adhesive material and use until the adhesive wears out (provided here)
• Use A bottle necklace and put your blessings on the hang tag
• Put Sacred Symbols inside the "holes" on the LifeFactory bottles (or similar brands)



A BLESSING IS A WHISPER... NOT A SHOUT.It enters the realm of spirit like a ripple on the surface of water. At first its entry causes a large displacement of energies, and a wave is formed. As the blessing settles into the surrounding water, the wave become a gentle movement that gradually radiates outward affecting all of creation as it moves. In doing so, the original wish, dream, desire, intention, or prayer is felt by all of life. Because of this, all energies move together in the harmony of making the request a cosmic truth. By the time the blessing wave has been stilled, it has already become part of Creation. Watch for evidence in your life that your blessing was successful. Sometimes that, too, is a whisper and not a shout. Sometimes an unexpected outcome results from our requests. This means that universal truth is blended with our desires in order to create an outcome that was better suited to your destiny.


When Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered molecular evidence that words and thoughts change the structure of cells in our water, many healing possibilities were explored. Healing illness or injury with blessing words placed on our water containers became a very powerful rejenerative process for those who might otherwise have struggled with ongoing health issues. Since his discovery, blessing personal drinking water with word labels has become as commonplace as saying prayers before eating food. When a specific word becomes the focus of our intentions and placed on a water glass or bottle, the molecules in that water change and the water becomes a beneficial transformative beverage for body, mind, and spirit. We change as the water changes.

As Dr. Emoto continued his research, he traveled all over the world infusing blessings into waters that had become polluted and were toxic to drink. Using a combination of science and spirituality, he invited millions to send their blessings to particular regions as he conducted scientific experiments on the quality of the water. In more than 90% of the cases, the masses of blessings did affect the water quality immediately. Over time, many of those bodies of water have continued to be healed and purified using prayers and blessings. In sending blessings to the waters of the world or to local waterways, visualize the highest quality that water can achieve. Keep that in mind as specific words are used to describe the water. "Purity, clarity, delicious, healing, alive, vibrant, etc." are some of the words that can be sent around the world in a matter of seconds in the form of a blessing. For local waterways, take a jar to the site and fill it with some of the water. Focus on that water with specific blessings. 24 hours later, return the water to the location where it was taken. With this water, use it to bless the entirely of the watercourse. Revisit often and repeat. The water will begin to return to optimal purity.

Blessings come in all sizes. They enter sacred space the moment we infuse our spiritual energy into the cosmic energy field with a thought or prayer. No blessing is trivial when it is sent with love and compassion. When a blessing is needed, visualize the drop of water that causes a ripple. Ask for what is needed or repeat the desired outcome and then drop it into the well of creation and wait for the ripples to create and transform reality to reflect our wishes. It will happen... it is cosmic law.


Each day, most humans touch water in some form, many times. Water is present in our lives in the form of misty dew drops in the morning, seasonal rains, the water we consume or give to our plants and animals, the water in the ocean, lakes and rivers, etc. Water is everywhere there is life. Water is a very holy element but one that is mostly taken for granted by people who receive their water through public utility resources. When it is so simple to receive the gift of water simply by turning on a faucet handle, respect for this life-giving element is lost in the prevailing and hurried need to wash, or drink.

In historic times, humans and animals waited for the rains to come in order to get their water, or they traveled to water holes or springs to fill their vessels. Most indigenous people made it a ritual to obtain water, and then blessed the water they obtained for its sacred contribution to their lives

Today, the blessing of water typically happens only in churches or in religious rituals. But we believe that the ability of water to heal our bodies, and to cleanse, not just our exterior but to cleanse our spirits can happen each and every time we reach for a drink of water, each time we water our plants or to fill containers for our animals. We can bless the water we bathe in and the water that flows in the streams and rivers we pass by on our way to work. We can bless the water that flows through the pipes in the city, and the water that washes down the storm drains.

A single thought or word has the ability to transform molecules in our bodies, minds and our spirits. We know that thoughts can transform illness into wellness so why not allow our thoughts to purify and bless the water we all share on the planet?

We offer some ideas for water blessings that will not only aid you personally, but also will transform and bless the water for all life. Change happens with a single thought. Our hope is that your single thoughts become blessings and are infused in the water you drink or use. This will affect healing and transdaily starting place.

SEND JOY BLESSINGS TO ALL - Joyous moments lift our spirit, lighten our daily existence and remind us of our true nature. Send feelings of joy to water. Send joy to all beings, and watch joy multiply around you creating a sea change.

A BLESSINGS OF GOOD HEALTH - A healthy body gives rise to healthy spirit. Healthy spirit restores the body. The two work hand-in-hand supporting each other. To be healthy is to be at ease with oneself – no matter what life has to offer. Bless your water with Health. Let that energy heal your body and spirit.

GRATITUDE BLESSINGS - Send your prayer of gratitude to the water and let it bless you in return with more abundance. By sharing your sincere gratitude with the water of the earth, the energy continues to multiply and create more abundance for all beings.

GUIDANCE BLESSINGS - As we stand at the well of life we reach out  and bless our water through our still mind. We ask, and then we listen carefully for the guidance that will always come. The universe responds with a whisper, assuring us of our next destination, or next chapter. This is truly Divine Guidance. Pay attention. The answer slips in silently when we least expect it. Be ready to act on that guidance immediately.