6D Dice - Forest Pearl

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6 is a magic number for dice because it is the shape of the cube and is probably the most well-known of the Platonic solids. These shapes are the basis of earth geometry. The 6D has six square faces that meet at eight vertices. It is the shape of stability and earth-grounding. Using the 6D dice for numerology, consider there are six opportunities to experience the lower vibrational possibilities related to the 6 body-centered chakras. (The 7th is a mind or spirit chakra.)  If you are looking for a divination practice that deals with body healing, rolling the 6-sided dice is the one to choose. You can cast spells, divine for answers, or do fortune-telling. Healing can be predicted using the 6D or body issues can be detected from the roll of a single die. I used a single 6-sided dice in one of my Fairy Magic Healing kits and also in a divination game. I have only 9 of these beautiful earthy green/black dice left after selling dozens of kits. I hope you enjoy the magic in these high quality dice. They have a sturdy hand feel with smooth edges. They are very positive and comfortable in the hand (that is the influence of the 6!!!). In the photo, you see my roll of the 9 dice I have left. It is so much fun to roll a big hand-full of dice! I aligned the numbers for doing a reading. For most work, I recommend you use at least 3 dice for body-centered healing work but you can use just one. Maybe you can guess what the message of the nine was? Hint: use numerology and relate to the chakras. How about the message of the three? Use your psychic power!