Earth Blessings


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Using these blessings helps us to see the earth in a new way. If you are already a lover and protector of the earth, let these blessings strengthen your feelings. If you are looking for a way to re-ignite strong feelings of love for Mother Earth, this collection is perfect. With subtle suggestions, some of which are deep and profound while seeming light, the words and blessings find their way to the heart and ultimately open our portals to cosmic consciousness. Enlightenment can't occur without a powerful love of the matrix that supports us all and connects us to all other forms of life. Once we really feel this connection, we find we are ready to explore other deeper mystical questions about life.

This collection reminds us of the wonders of the natural world so we can become inspired and fall in love, a state of mind that is our most natural state of living. When we reconnect to the earth, we find ourselves becoming happier and healthier without medicine or therapy.



Customer Testimonials

"These blessings are powerful and beautiful. They are heart-openers." 

Gail N., Ventura, CA

"I have been using your collection for two months. I can honestly say, I notice a different kind of peace inside, and I also notice my surroundings a lot more."
Carol L., Santa Barbara, CA